TMC MP asked to remove 'NO NRC, NO CAA' locket in RS

Trinamool Congress MP asked to remove 'NO NRC, NO CAA' locket in Rajya Sabha

A Trinamool Congress MP was asked to remove a locket inscribed with "NO NRC, NO CAA" during a debate in Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

The Trinamool Congress has been vociferously opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

When TMC MP Dola Sen started speaking during a discussion on the working of the MSME Ministry, the chair asked her to remove the locket, saying she should respect the dignity of the House.

Sen said that it was an ornament, but she removed it after the chair insisted.

"Miss Dola Sen, I request you to kindly remove the tag, which you have put, before you start speaking," said Kahkashan Perween of the JDU, who was presiding the proceedings.

To Sen's reply that this was an ornament Perween said, " Please maintain the decorum of the house."

"It's alright but something is written on it, please cooperate and maintain the decorum of the house," she said.

She was supported by some Opposition members, including Vaiko who was sitting next to her and Jaya Bacchhan.

"If the chair says, it's mandatory, then it's ok," Sen said while removing it.

The Upper House of Parliament was having discussions on the working of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.