Uttar Pradesh BJP lawmaker proposes 'union' of MLAs

Uttar Pradesh BJP lawmaker proposes 'union' of MLAs

One has heard of unions of students, farmers, government employees and traders but now an Uttar Pradesh lawmaker has suggested forming a union of the MLAs.

The bizarre suggestion came from Shyam Prakash, a BJP lawmaker from Gopamau Assembly constituency in Hardoi district in the state on Wednesday.

Interestingly, Prakash wants a union of the lawmakers to "protect" their "rights" and "existence". 

"From peons to the IAS officers... from home guards to the IPS officers... village panchayat chiefs, farmers, traders... all have their organisations and so the MLAs too should form unions to protect their rights and existence," Prakash said in a message on his Facebook page.

"MLAs have become the weakest link in today's politics," he went on to add. Prakash's suggestion for union of the lawmakers evoked a mixed reaction from netizens, with many lending support to the demand.

"It is ironical that the lawmakers feel the need for forming a union," remarked a netizen.

Incidentally Prakash was among the BJP MLAs who had joined the dharna against their own government in the state Assembly on Tuesday, leaving the saffron party hugely embarrassed. The Opposition MLAs had also joined the dharna.

The Assembly witnessed slogans stressing unity among the lawmakers on issues of common interests. It was a common refrain among MLAs cutting across party lines that the bureaucracy did not treat them with respect and that they often felt humiliated by their (officials) behaviour.