Which BJP leader advised PM to not demonise oppn: Sibal

Which BJP leader advised PM to not demonise oppn: Sibal

Congress leader Kapil Sibal. PTI file photo

Congress leader Kapil Sibal attacked the BJP on Saturday, asking which of its leaders had publicly advised Narendra Modi to not demonise the opposition and its leaders.

His remarks came a day after senior Congress leaders Abhishek Singhvi and Shashi Tharoor supported party leader Jairam Ramesh who said that not recognising Modi's work and "demonising" him all the time was not going to help.

"Which BJP leader has stood up and publicly advised the prime minister and his party to stop demonising the opposition and its leaders," Sibal asked on Twitter.

The Congress had steered clear of the controversy, saying the leaders who made the remarks should be asked about it instead.

Explaining his remarks on Saturday, Tharoor said he wanted the Congress back in power and for that, the party needed to win over the fair-minded voters who had supported the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

 "Kerala media agog over my tweet yesterday on the importance of enhancing our credibility by tempering our justified criticism of NaMo with merited praise," he said.

"Made it clear I want Congress back in government and for that, we need to win over those fair-minded voters who supported BJP in 2019," Tharoor tweeted.