Will PM Modi & Trump seal a major trade deal this time?

Will PM Narendra Modi and Donald Trump seal a major trade deal during US President's visit?

U.S. President Donald Trump holding a bilateral meeting with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York, U.S., September 24, 2019. (Reuters Photo)

While PM Narendra Modi and his government are having a tough time containing the ongoing anti-CAA protests, US President Donald Trump's upcoming visit to India may open up some favourable opportunities for the two countries.

Trump is expected to have a two-day visit to India in the month of February. According to reports, preparations to welcome the US President have already begun. After the fantastic response that "Howdy Modi" in Texas received, the PM would want to make it a pleasant visit to India for his counterpart as well. 

Reports suggest that Modi and Trump are likely to show their solidarity on a stage at the new massive Cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With protests and anti-Modi slogans being raised in various parts of the country, Gujarat appears to be a safer zone for such a grand event.

Some reports also stated that Trump's visit to India got planned over a simple 'New Year' wish phone call between the two top leaders. While the date of the UP President's arrival is not confirmed yet, he is expected to stay at the luxury hotel near US Embassy in the capital.

Possibilities of a major trade deal

It is being expected that Modi and Trump are going to seal a big trade deal during this meet. With India's economy reportedly facing a crunch, a major trade deal between the two nations can boost up people's confidence in the government.

According to NYT, India has already agreed to terminate price cups on certain imported medical equpments. The report also stated that India has been trying to convince the US administration to bring about lower tariffs on goods like textiles. Possibility of an agreement on exchange of military equipments cannot be ruled out either.

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