New law may disqualify lawmakers for galloping assets

New law may disqualify lawmakers for galloping assets

The centre is mulling amendments to the law to provide for disqualification of lawmakers for a disproportionate increase in their assets as members of Parliament or state legislatures.

The issue was discussed at a meeting of senior officials from both Houses of Parliament, the Centre, Election Commission and 20 state legislatures here on Monday.

The meeting comes against the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgement directing the creation of a permanent institutional mechanism to continuously monitor the assets of legislators and their associates and take appropriate action in case of disproportionate increase.

No compliance rule

Official sources said the participants concurred that there are rules in different legislatures requiring the members to declare their assets and liabilities soon after their election, but there is no provision to ensure compliance.

“Also, there is no provision under any Act of Parliament or Rules of respective legislatures to disqualify members for the acquisition of disproportionate assets,” the sources said.

According to sources, implementation of the apex court order may require the amendment to the Representation of the People Act, 1951 making disproportionate acquisition of assets a ground for disqualification from the membership of the legislatures.