New twist in cruise case as BJP ups ante against NCP

New twist in drugs-on-cruise case: BJP alleges Sunil Patil 'closely associated' with NCP leaders

BJP claimed that Sunil Patil is the 'mastermind' of the whole conspiracy

BJP leader Mohit Bharatiya and NCP leader Nawab Malik. Credit: Screengrab of Twitter Live video/@mohitbharatiya_ and PTI Photo

In a new twist in the drugs-on-cruise case, BJP leader Mohit Bharatiya has alleged that Sunil Patil, whose name surfaced during an investigation on corruption allegations against NCB officials, is closely associated with NCP leaders.

"Sunil Patil is the mastermind of whole conspiracy. Patil is associated with NCP since 20 years. He is close to Anil Deshmukh and a friend of his son Hrishikesh. He ran transfer-posting rackets," alleged Bharatiya during a press conference. 

According to Bharatiya, Patil, who is a friend of former state minister Anil Deshmukh's son Hrishikesh Deshmukh, boasted of his strong relations with the NCP leaders and how Anil Deshmukh had once allegedly met drug peddler, Chinku Pathan, an aide of the mafia don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, at a government guest house during the lockdown.

Addressing a news conference, Bharatiya claimed that Sunil Patil is linked to Sam D’Souza, Kiran Gosavi and the latter’s driver and personal bodyguard Prabhakar Sail. “They worked as a syndicate,” he said.

"They are all (Gosavi, D'Souza, Bhanushali) Patil's associates. I have been sent audio-video clips and WhatsApp messages of theirs from someone and I have forwarded them to the probe agencies," Bharatiya said.

Bharatiya demanded to know what is the relationship of Patil with Malik and other senior NCP leaders and ministers with whom he (Patil) enjoys close rapport.

"Patil has a suit booked in Hotel Lalit for months. There were big parties with 'sharab, shabab and kebab' there for those attending them... I will reveal more," he warned.

The BJP activist said that Patil had advance knowledge of the cruise rave party and wanted some link who could put him in touch with the NCB and was referred to Gosavi.

He accused NCP and its chief spokesperson Nawab Malik of trying to create a “false narrative”. He also wanted to know what relationship Malik has with Sunil Patil.

Reacting to the development, NCP leader Nawab Malik said, "A member of Sameer Dawood Wankhede's private army just held a Press Conference to misguide and divert the attention from the truth albeit unsuccessfully. I will reveal the truth tomorrow."

(With inputs from IANS)

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