No 'Love Jihad' in Kerala

“There is also unconfirmed source of information that some groups are actively working among youngsters encouraging conversions by such technique and that young men engaged in such pursuits are said to be receiving funds from abroad directly or indirectly,” Kerala Police chief Jacob Punnose said in an affidavit. “Police are now trying to collect maximum information in this regard,” the DGP said in response to a direction from the Kerala High Court recently to provide within three weeks information on ‘Love Jihad’, where young non-Muslim girls were allegedly lured into marriage and converted to Islam.

He said police would remain “pro-actively vigilant” and take action in all instances where any reasonable suspicion exists that undesirable illegal liaisons were being attempted with an ulterior purpose of compulsive conversion.

The affidavit said police had no evidence regarding the operation of love jihad and the source of money.

Police officials to meet

Meanwhile, a day after Karnataka High Court directed the state and Kerala to probe the ‘Love Jihad movement’, Karnataka on Thursday decided to call a meeting of top police officials on Friday or Saturday to discuss ways to counter it.

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