Bail of 2 convicts scraped for faking custodial torture

Bail of 2 convicts scraped for faking custodial torture

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A Delhi court has taken strong exception to the conduct of two undertrials and termed it "depreciable" for trying to implicate police officials in a fake case of custodial torture by hurting themselves while being taken to the court.

Additional Sessions Judge Sonu Agnihotri cancelled the bail of two accused, Vikas and Vikas Puri, who tried to harm themselves while being brought to the court so as to implicate the police officials accompanying them.

"Conduct of accused persons is depreciable. Accused Vikas and Vikas Puri are asked as to why their bail should not be cancelled in the present case. They have tendered an apology. Bail of the accused is, therefore, cancelled. From today onwards, they are in custody in the present case," the judge said.

"Accused persons have tried to create evidence so that action may be taken against police officials bringing them to the court as police officials did not accede to their demand of handcuffing them in a particular manner which is against law," the court further said.

While the two men were on bail in this case, they were in custody in another criminal case.

The incident took place when they were produced in the court bare chest, and vest of Puri was torn.

On an inquiry from the accused, they told the judge that the police officials abused them.

However, the lock-up in-charge showed a video clip to the judge to prove the conduct of the accused who were seen behaving in a bad manner with police officials bringing them to the court.

As per the video, Puri himself torn his vest and both the men were also trying to harm themselves (maybe with the intention to implicate police officials bringing them to the court).

After seeing the video, the court asked the accused as to why they behaved in such a manner, to which they said that they had asked police officials to handcuff them with their hands in front of the chest but they handcuffed them from behind.

The court was informed by the lock-up in-charge that the accused were handcuffed after they attacked an undertrial prisoner in June based on which another court had ordered them to be produced in handcuffs.

The court also called for an inquiry report from Deputy Commissioner of Police of Dwarka area regarding the incident, including the aspect of police officials abusing accused persons.

The DCP is further directed to take action against those found at fault, it said.