Bride, groom exchange onion-garlic garlands at wedding

Bride, groom exchange onion-garlic garlands at wedding

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh

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In order to make a statement against the skyrocketing prices of food commodities, a couple in Varanasi exchanged garlands made of onion and garlic at their wedding, instead of the flower garlands, reported ANI.

Apparently, the guests at the wedding also presented the newly-weds a priceless gift - a basket of onions.

Kamal Patel from Samajwadi Party said, "Prices of onions have been touching the sky since last month. So now people have started considering onion as precious as gold. In this wedding, the bride and groom used garlands made of onions and garlic. The prices of onions have risen to Rs 120 per kg." 

Another Samajwadi Party leader Satya Prakash said that the couple opted for an unusual way to carry out the customs in order to bring attention to the issue of soaring prices of onions in the country.

"The couple have tried to convey a message by opposing the rising prices of onions and other staples. Samajwadi Party has carried out several protests against such issues. This is a historic event for the couple," he added.

The SP leaders believe that the surge in the price of onions is at an all-time high in the markets of Varanasi.