BSP leader recommends 'toddy' to prevent coronavirus

BSP leader Bheem Rajbhar recommends 'toddy' to prevent coronavirus

Toddy is more sacred and pure than Ganga has great immunity-boosting quality, said Rajbhar

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After a BJP leader's 'cow shelter' prescription to ward off coronavirus, a BSP leader on Tuesday recommended 'toddy' to prevent Covid-19.

BSP state president Bheem Rajbhar said while addressing a meeting in Uttar Pradesh's Ballia district, about 400 kilometres from here, that those who drank 'toddy', were not likely to get infected by novel coronavirus.

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''Toddy is more sacred and pure than Ganga has great immunity-boosting (people) will not be infected from the virus if you drink it,'' Rajbhar said.

He said that the members of the 'Rajbhar' (an OBC) community consumed 'toddy' and also gave it to their children to drink. ''This is why members of our community are not infected from the virus,'' he added.

Rajbhar, who had recently been appointed the state BSP president, however, did not reveal the basis of his claims. Toddy is palm wine made from the sap after its fermentation and is an intoxicant.

Earlier a BJP lawmaker had asked the people to rear cows if they wanted to keep novel coronavirus away. ''Coronavirus does not infect the fact one can ward off any disease if he has goshala (cow shelter),'' the lawmaker had said.