CAA: 'Rose' protests winning hearts

CAA: 'Rose' protests winning hearts

After a few young Delhi students stumped police by offering them roses, the trend appears to be catching up in the national capital with more protesters offering the flower to security personnel deployed to contain protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), 2019.

On Friday, protesters offered roses to police personnel in Jama Masjid where thousands gathered to raise slogans against the CAA after prayers. In Jama Masjid, locals offered senior police officials roses as hundreds of policemen were deployed in the vicinity of the mosque complex anticipating trouble.

In Jamia Millia Islamia too, protesters carried roses in their hands and gifted it to police personnel.

On Thursday, student protesters were seen offering flowers to police personnel at Mandi House and Jantar Mantar, a gesture which won lots of appreciation with some terming it 'Gandhigiri'.

"You can baton charge us but we won't hate you," one of the protesters had told a policeman as she offered a rose to him. A social media post where a girl protester was offering rose to a policeman in battle gear and the amused expression of him and other personnel went viral.