Inmates of Chandigarh's Burial Jail make masks

Coronavirus: Inmates of Chandigarh's Burial Jail make masks to cope with surge in demand

Representative image. (AFP Photo)

Some inmates of Burail Model Jail here are making nearly 700-800 face masks daily due to a surge in their demand in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, an official said on Sunday.

Under 'Making of Mask' project, two teams, with 15 inmates each, have been constituted, said Neena Chaudhary, Senior Medical Officer, Burail Model jail.

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She said, “Each day 700-800 masks are being made for general preventive measures and they are fully sterilized.”

Chaudhary said the masks are priced at Rs 10 each and will initially be supplied to the government offices where there is public dealing.

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Soon, these masks will also be made available for the general public at an outlet, she said.

The jail administration will soon step up the production to around 1500 masks daily, Chaudhary added.

Chandigarh has reported six positive cases of COVID-19 so far.