Delhi records 2nd-lowest maximum temp in 22 years: IMD

Delhi records 2nd-lowest maximum temp in 22 years: IMD

A man holding a baby wrapped in a blanket stands next to a bonfire on a cold winter morning in New Delhi. (Photo by Reuters)

Delhi on Tuesday recorded its second-lowest maximum temperature in 22 years, turning the national capital region into a giant icebox.

For the second consecutive day, Delhi and its five satellite towns continued to shiver as the maximum temperature settled 10 notches below the season's average at 12.2 degrees Celsius. According to the India Meteorological Department, such a day falls in the category of “severe cold day.”

This is the lowest maximum temperature recorded in December since 1997 when the mercury dropped to 11.3 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature on Tuesday was around 10 degrees Celsius.

An overcast sky with clouds at the low level and chilly winds from the northern states further compounded the situation for the residents, who brought out their heavy woollens to cope up with the biting cold. Many students dropped the schools that begin in the morning.

While similar bone-chilling weather may persist on Wednesday with the maximum and minimum temperatures being in the range of 14 and 9 degrees Celsius respectively, the conditions may improve for the better later in the week.

“Due to low-level cloud cover and cold north-northwesterly winds over northern parts of the country, cold day to severe cold day conditions are very likely to continue to prevail over northern parts of India on December 17 and 18. Its intensity and spread is very likely to decrease on December 19 and abate thereafter,” IMD said in a statement.

On Monday weather stations in Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 12.9 degrees Celsius – 10 degrees below normal – which was the lowest since 2003.

“Due to favourable meteorological conditions, dense fog is also very likely to prevail over isolated pockets of northern India till tomorrow and abate thereafter,” IMD said.

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