Guilt overwhelms wife, says killed husband 2-years ago

Guilt overwhelms wife, says killed husband 2-years ago

Burdened by an overpowering sense of extreme guilt, a woman in her early thirties walked straight into a grievance redressal session conducted by a Haryana minister and confessed to having killed her husband 2-years ago. 

Her grievance before Haryana Home minister Anil Vij was that she could no longer bear the burden of guilt of killing her husband. She cried saying she was completely devastated by the guilt she had been bearing for the last two years ever since she killed her husband.

While the police did not find her guilty of any wrongdoing when her husband Rohtash, an assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI), was found dead in 2017, his wife Sunil Kumari not only confessed to her crime in the open house session in Ambala, she prayed before the minister to send her to jail and hand her by the noose to death.

The minister, flanked by officials of the administration and police, were astonished by the woman’s confession. The woman said she had frequent quarrels with her husband. That ill-fated night she tightly tied him with her dupatta leading to his death. She said she hid this fact from the police. Doctors who conducted the post-mortem two years ago had said that the death was caused due to chocking of vomit in the body.

What surprised all was that Kumari’s was neither an accused nor under the scanner for the death of her husband, yet she chose to admit her crime years later. Kumari gave a letter to the minister stating her confession of sorts. Minister Anil Vij asked the woman if she had penned down her confession under any influence or duress, to which Kumari said she was only stating a fact and wanted to repent her deeds and accept its consequences. Vij handed over the letter to the police to probe the case. The police were prompt to register the case against Kumari. The police now will have to visit the case afresh to corroborate the confessions made by the woman.