'Mohalla clinic in posh colony treats bungalow owners'

Mohalla clinic in posh colony treating owners of bungalows, say Satyendar Jain

He said the facility set up has been receiving 120 patients every day

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain. Credit: PTI Photo

Encouraging people to avail mohalla clinics, Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Sunday said such a facility set up at a posh colony in Delhi has been receiving 120 patients every day, most of whom are owners of nearby bungalows.

"We opened a mohalla clinic among bungalows in a posh colony. We thought that only those employed in those bungalows would come for treatment. In the first few days, only 15 patients a day came to the healthcare facility. We though it had failed," the minister recalled at the launch of another such clinic at Patparganj.

"I went to the same place again after three months. I was surprised to know that around 120 patients had been coming to that mohalla clinic every day. Of these, more than 100 were the owners of those bungalows," Jain said while encouraging people to use these healthcare facilities.

The minister recalled another incident involving the daughter of his friend.

"The daughter of one of my friends had to get some tests done. His father suggested her to go to a mohalla clinic. She hesitated first but later decided to go. When she returned, her father asked if she got the tests done. She replied that not only the tests have been conducted, the doctors are also really good," the minister said.