Nirbhaya convict ‘brand ambassador’ for voter campaign

Nirbhaya convict ‘brand ambassador’ for voter campaign

The flex boards with Mukesh Singh's picture (circled)

In a major embarrassment, the photograph of death row convict in the 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case, Mukesh Singh, found prominence on various display flex boards put up by electoral office in Punjab's Hoshiarpur.

The flex boards with the picture of the Nirbhaya case convict Mukesh along with some other prominent personalities were put up inside and outside the district administration complex in Hoshiarpur to spread voter awareness.

The glaring faux pas reportedly came to light on Friday after being noticed by a person who visited the complex and identified the picture as that of Mukesh Singh.

What is shocking is that the pictures of the convict were put up in the run-up to the recently concluded general elections but were not noticed by anyone.

For months, Singh’s picture found prominence in the government’s voter awareness campaign.

Sorav Singh, the visitor who noticed Singh’s picture on display boards said, “It’s sad state of affair. Shocking to see the picture of the main convict Mukesh of the Nirbhaya case as brand ambassador put up by the district election officer Hoshiarpur in deputy commissioner’s office. It’s promoting a heinous crime accused at government cost. What message is being conveyed to public. Why no one noticed”.

Hoshiarpur deputy commissioner Isha Kalia has ordered an inquiry into the episode.

The pictures of the convict have been removed from all places. It is also surprising how due care was not taken by the authorities concerned before putting up the image since the picture of the convict was downloaded from the internet.