'None will sleep, if I share events on COVID-19'

None in Kashmir will sleep, if I share daily events: DC Srinagar on coronavirus

J&K government has directed all administrative secretaries and deputy commissioners to ensure quarantine of all government employees

 A Jammu Muncipal Corporation worker spray disinfectant on a street during Janta curfew in the wake of deadly coronavirus, in Jammu, Sunday, March 22, 2020. (PTI Photo)

As reports of people violating mandatory screening and quarantine galore in Kashmir, a senior bureaucrat, Sunday said if he shares the daily events “none in Kashmir will sleep.”

“Trust me if I share a summary of daily events, none in Kashmir will sleep. Let’s keep our egos aside, work collectively and instead of raising panic and alarm help each other to improve. This 3rd World War. Nothing less. If it passes we will have a lifetime for all that. Good day (sic),” Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar, Shahid Choudhary, tweeted.

Choudhary, who is at the forefront of managing the quarantine facilities and tracing people avoiding the routine protocol, in another tweet, said: “Four passengers just reached from Mauritius, Dubai and Kazakhstan “decline” to declare travel history. Done quickly by IT team. My “WHO Guidelines wala Friends” can u pl send a “Recorded Sermon” to help convince such people? Please? I beg. Ignore the Thick Skin and help.”

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Somebody asked him if the numbers are so bad, he clarified that it has nothing to do with that but with the silly efforts that people make to subvert the systems.

“In last 3 days, we have accommodated 1196 people traveling fr Bangladesh, Ladakh, Bangkok, Dubai, Combodia, UK etc at 24 quarnt facilities, in diff categories of risk. Lot being said on media- Good, Bad, Neutral, Motivated, Planted, Genuine. Will update 2day evening. Pl hold on,” the DC tweeted.

In another tweet, he said: “Two brothers. Same Medical College in Bangladesh. One travels by air, declares travel history lands in Quarantine. Other takes road goes home, probably enjoyed Wazwan. Smart neighbor informs Control Room. Team got in touch. Symptomatic. WHO guidelines lecture please? (sic)”

“A girl coming from the US posed as Student returning from Bangladesh. A “thick-skinned babu” (as we are called) insisted on passport while allotting room, got to know. USA 3rd highest COVID cases in the world. I need to attend another lecture on WHO guidelines now!!”

Another instance he shared was: “A gentleman coming from Italy reaches New Delhi via another port. Takes train to Jammu n Cab to home in #Srinagar. Just to hide travel history. Traced. Need collective focus to handle it. Things are not that simple as they appear from homes & office rooms. WHO guidelines anyone?”

Meanwhile, amid scare over coronavirus, J&K government has directed all administrative secretaries and deputy commissioners to ensure quarantine of all government employees and their relatives who have a foreign travel history since March 1.

“A large number of government employees or their relatives have a foreign travel history and need to first undergo quarantine,” reads the circular issued by general administration department (GAD).

As per the circular, contact with persons having a foreign travel history is to be controlled/ discourage till their quarantine period is over.