Nothing inciting in my statement, says Kapil Mishra

Nothing inciting in my statement, says BJP leader Kapil Mishra

BJP leader Kapil Mishra. Credit: Facebook (KapilMishraAAP)

Facing attack from the Opposition parties and on social media with accusations of his instigating the violence in the national capital, BJP leader Kapil Mishra on Thursday rued that no questions were being asked from those protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the AAP leader Amanatullah Khan from whose house petrol bombs were recovered.

Mishra also claimed that there was “nothing inciting” in his statement on February 23 and that he was just talking to a police officer to clear the roads blocked by the anti-CAA protestors in Jaffrabad and adjoining areas which was causing inconvenience to 35 lakh people.

“If you call those blocking the road agitators and those asking to clear it terrorists, it shows your bias. I don't want to comment on a sub-judice matter,” he said

Mishra also lashed out at “fake seculars and fake liberals,” saying he was "pained" to see that there were people who look even death from the prism of religion.

“No question is being asked to people who are talking about dividing country or those on whose terrace petrol bombs were found. But someone who only requested for road to be cleared as it was causing inconvenience to 35 lakh people is being called a terrorist,” he said.