Pre-wedding shoot lands police officer in soup in Raj

Pre-wedding shoot lands police officer in soup in Raj

Rajasthan Cop 'Bribed' By Bride In Pre-Wedding Video.

The video to record his 'pre-wedding' romance for posterity turned not so romantic for a Rajasthan sub-inspector, who starred in his own filmy love story but forgot he was in uniform, much to the chagrin of his department. 

The narrative was simple -- the stern cop meets the feisty girl, fines her for riding without a helmet and she, in turn, puts some money in his pocket, the first act of a happily ever after scenario.

But the script did not go quite as planned for SI Dhanpal Singh. The video, shot nearly three months ago, was circulated widely on social media and his department was furious at the clip showing a uniformed man "accepting a bribe".

A complained reached to Inspector General (law and order) Hawa Singh Ghumariya, who said the matter will be investigated. 

"After the matter was brought into my notice, an advisory was sent to all the range IGPs nearly a week ago to not shoot videos in uniform as it creates a negative image of the police department," Ghumariya told PTI.

Udaipur Superintendent of Police Kailash Chandra Bishnoi said the police will examine the clip and if such a scene was enacted then the officer will be asked to give an explanation before any disciplinary action is taken against him. 

Sub Inspector Singh told PTI that he did not shoot the scene intentionally and had even asked the videographer to cut the scene as he was in uniform but he uploaded the entire video on social media, which has now become trouble for him. 

"The video was filmed three months ago. I was in uniform when the videographer asked me to get a shot film. I was unaware of the scene. It was not my intention to film it," he said.