'Rambhakts to throng Ram Lalla' amid prohibitory orders

'Rambhakts to throng Ram Lalla' amid prohibitory orders

Saffron outfits and the authorities in Ayodhya seem to be heading for a showdown. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has made it clear that thousands of 'Rambhakts' thronging Ayodhya on Sunday to take part in the 'dharm sabha' would also pay obeisance before the Ram Lalla at the make-shift Ram Temple. A wary administration meanwhile imposed prohibitory orders at the entire disputed complex in the temple town.

The VHP, which has sponsored the Sunday's 'dharm sabha', said that it was only natural for the 'Rambhakts' to have 'darshan' at the make-shift Ram Temple. ''It will be highly improper to prevent them from paying obeisance before Ramlala,'' VHP spokesman Sharad Sharma said in Ayodhya.

VHP leaders say Ayodhya would ''witness a sea of humanity'' on Sunday. ''It is going to be a bigger crowd than the one witnessed in 1992,'' a senior VHP leader told DH. According to the VHP over 500 saints and seers from across the country are likely to attend the 'dharm sabha', and political leaders are expected to keep away from the stage.

Apparently, wary of a large gathering, the local administration has imposed section 144 in the acquired land and banned carrying of sticks, cameras and arms within the 'darshan marg' (the area between the entry and the makeshift Ram Temple).

"We will allow people to have darshan at the makeshift temple only in small batches; large groups will not be allowed inside the acquired land,'' said a senior police official in Ayodhya. He said that the administration was committed to ensure compliance of the supreme court's order on maintaining status quo in the acquired land. ''We are prepared to deal with any eventuality,'' he added.