Shaheen Bagh protesters question police action

Shaheen Bagh protesters question 'disproportionate' police action

Police load in a truck the items seized from the anti-CAA protest site, at Jamia nagar in New Delhi, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. (Credit: PTI Photo)

The Shaheen Bagh protesters have questioned the "disproportionate" action by the Delhi police in the forcible eviction and detention of a few women, who were carrying on with their agitation against the CAA-NPR-NRC.

"The ruthless dismantling and thoughtless destruction of the markers of our physical protest, especially the very structures whose placement is in question in a matter that is sub judice in the Supreme Court, reeks of strong vendetta and ill feelings towards our innocent protesters, locals and sympathisers," they alleged.

They also strongly objected to the "destruction of very important symbols of hope and resilience for 100-day resistance" .

In a letter to the Supreme Court, the protesters demanded "a fair probe into the involvement of all the unidentified, non-designated and non-police personnel" present
at Shaheen Bagh between 6 am and 10 am on March 24.

They contended that the disproportionate action in the time of Coronavirus was unnecessary. The huge police force and civilians, who accumulated to dismantle the tent, and remove the remaining protestors added to the crowd going against the mandatory protocol.

Maintaining that they understand the need for stricter imposition of curfew (lockdown) and enforcement of restrictions, they claimed that the police action has heightened the "distrust and the perception of being uncared for'' by the state institutions.

The protesters asked the court to grant them protection during the proceeding of the case. 

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