Sikh religious flag hoisted by protesters at Red Fort

Sikh religious flag was hoisted by protesters at Red Fort

The saffron flag hoisted by protesters from the staff at the iconic Red Fort during their tractor parade against the farm laws on Tuesday was the 'Nishan Sahib', a symbol of Sikh religion seen at all Gurdwara complexes.

The 'Nishan Sahib' is a triangular flag that is sacred to Sikhs. The emblem on the flag comprises of 'Khanda', a two-edged sword, Chakra, a disc, and two Kirpans that cross each other at the handles.

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The other flag appeared to be of a farmer union.

A large number of protesters deviated from the designated route for the proposed tractor parade in the national capital and barged into the Red Fort. They were later removed by the police.