Want to own gun in Gwalior? Donate 10 blankets to cows

Want to own gun in Gwalior? Donate 10 blankets to cows

Gwalior District collector Anurag Chaudhary. (Photo/@dmgwalior)

In a meeting with the social workers in Madhya Pradesh, the District Collector of Gwalior Anurag Chaudhary came up with a new rule for everyone who wants to own a gun license in the city.

"If you want to own a gun license, at least 10 blankets must be donated to the Gaushala for cows," the official Twitter handle of Gwalior collector tweeted.

Choudhary took this decision to make use of the resources to sustain the cows.

"People in Gwalior have a craze for arms. They need it for self-defence also. Hence, once they donate blankets to get preference in getting arms licenses we will have more blankets for cows in the shelters. Earlier, our decision to ask such applicants to plant saplings yielded a good result and as many as 17000 saplings were planted for arms license seekers.” he told Hindustan Times.

Earlier this month, at least six cows died at a shelter is Gwalior. The officials claimed the reason for the death was due to excessive cold.