Pakistan captures 20 Indian fishermen

Pakistan captures 20 Indian fishermen

The incident took place yesterday evening off the Jhakau coast in Kutch district, he said.
"The PMSA had apprehended six boats, which were fishing in the Arabian sea near the international border from Porbander," Lodhari said.

They, however, let off one of the boats and around 10 fishermen but have kept in captivity five boats and twenty others, he added.

Lodhari said that he came to know about the incident after the boat which was released by the PMSA sent a wireless message to the Porbander Boat Association (PBA).

The five boats and 20 men are being taken to Karachi by the PMSA, he said.

Pakistani authorities had last week arrested 26 Indian fishermen for allegedly violating the country's maritime boundary.

Pakistan and India arrest dozens of fishermen every year for violating the maritime boundary. Many of them languish in prison for years even after completing jail terms given to them.

Islamabad had recently repatriated 12 Indian prisoners, including 11 fishermen who had been held in a jail in Karachi for nearly three years even after completing their prison terms.

Another 442 Indian fishermen were freed last year after two Pakistani NGOs petitioned the Supreme Court for their release.