Pakistan remains epicentre of terror: PM

Pakistan remains epicentre of terror: PM

Asserting that Pakistan remains the "epicentre of terror", Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said expectations have to be "toned down" over his meeting with Nawaz Sharif on Sunday.

Addressing the media after talks with President Barack Obama, he said the expectations have to be lowered given the terror arm which is still active in our sub-continent. 

Though the Prime Minister said he was looking forward to the meeting with Sharif in New York, the strong words relating to Pakistan come against the grim backdrop of the twin terror strikes near Jammu yesterday and strident calls back home to call off the meeting.

On his talks with Obama, he said, "We discussed the situation in the region, including Afghanistan and Pakistan. I explained to President Obama the difficulties that we face given the fact that the epicentre of terror still remains focussed in Pakistan.

"I look forward to meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif even though the expectations have to be toned down given the terror arm which is still active in our sub continent."  

On his part, Obama said both of them discussed Afghanistan and Pakistan."We had a chance to discuss Pakistan and our shared interest in seeing a peaceful reduction of tensions on the subcontinent."We want to very much thank Prime Minister Singh for what has been a consistent interest in improving cooperation between India and Pakistan," Obama said praising the efforts of the Prime Minister in improving relationship with Pakistan. 

Noting that they had an opportunity to discuss the tensions that continue to exist in the subcontinent, Obama said: "We both have a shared interest in making sure that Afghanistan continues on its path to a peaceful democratic country."Prime Minister Singh praised Obama's vision of giving diplomacy yet another chance in Syria and Iran, saying India fully supports these initiatives because six million Indians eke their livelihood in the Middle East."Therefore anything that contributes to peace and security in Iran and Syria will help global peace and economy," he said.

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