Parliament remembers 26/11 victims; LS resolves to unitedly fight terror

Parliament remembers 26/11 victims; LS resolves to unitedly fight terror

The first anniversary of 26/11 terror attack saw Chairman Hamid Ansari making a reference in the Rajya Sabha, saying the ''indomitable spirit of humankind cannot be subdued by such senseless acts of violence.''

Members in both Houses stood in silence for a minute in memory of those killed.

"The House salutes the indomitable courage of the security forces who gave a crushing blow to the terrorists on November 26, 2008 and the fortitude of the people of Mumbai," the Speaker said.

The Lower House also asked the government to take all necessary steps to "wipe out the scourge of terrorism from our country".

"On this day the House resolves that we will unitedly fight and defeat the forces of terrorism and never again allow them to spill the blood of innocent people," Kumar said.

In the Rajya Sabha, the Chairman recalled the way Mumbai quickly attained normalcy after the terrorist attack. This "speaks volumes for the resolve of our people to confront and defeat the evil designs of those wishing to destabilise the nation and disrupt its progress," he said.

Noting that terrorism has no justification whatsoever in a civilised world, Kumar said it was the duty of every country, which wanted to see peace and progress, to resist and defeat these "dark forces of terrorism".

"Realising the global network of terrorists and their unlimited resources, sophisticated arms and training and their diabolic mindset, there is an urgent need to mobilise the resources and coordinate action by all countries to track down and eliminate these enemies of mankind," she said.

The Lok Sabha, she said, is the of the firm view that with strong will and determined action, "we will be able to effectively counter terrorism".