PDP to review work of Mufti-led govt

PDP to review work of Mufti-led govt

PDP to review work of Mufti-led govt

Even as it maintained suspense over government formation, PDP tonight said it has begun a process to review the work done during the 10 months of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed-led coalition government to assess how much of his vision had been fulfilled.

"Mufti Sahib had a vision for making Jammu and Kashmir a modern state. Due to his death, his vision is yet to be realised. The party under the leadership of Mehbooba Mufti will need to review how much we have succeeded to fulfill Mufti Sahib's vision so far," senior PDP leader Naeem Akhtar said.

Akhtar said being a political issue, Mufti had envisioned to make Jammu and Kashmir paradise of peace. "The party will assess whether our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who has a massive mandate of the country, has taken any decisions on it, he added.
Keeping in view "the changing situation", he said, the party will "analyse whether our ministers can fulfill their governance agenda smoothly. Our governance agenda was to make smart cities, bring back power projects, and other development projects. We will analyse whether we can work smoothly on the governance agenda."

Akhtar said PDP's main aim was not power but to represent people of Jammu and Kashmir to fulfill their rights and expectations.

The PDP leader's statement came as the seven-day state mourning for Sayeed ended today.    The state goverment announced a seven-day mourning following demise of Sayeed on January 7 at AIIMS hospital in Delhi.

Earlier in the day, Akhtar had said the formal consultations within the PDP for formation of the new government had not begun yet, hinting that the process may take longer than expected.

"We have not yet begun the formal process of consultations on government formation in the state.

A decision on the issue can only be taken after the consultations get underway," he said.
Akhtar, however, refused to comment whether the PDP will continue its alliance with the BJP or look at other alternatives as well.