People preferred positivity, rejected negativity: Modi

People preferred positivity, rejected negativity: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi weighed against lotus flowers as he offers his prayers at Lord Krishna temple in Guruvayur of Thrissur district, Saturday. PTI photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the people of India are preferring positivity than negativity and hence the BJP is voted to power again.

Speaking at a public reception at Thrissur in Kerala on Saturday, Modi said that the poll pundits and political parties failed to understand the peoples' mood. Hence they made poll predictions. But the people gave a strong mandate in favour of BJP as they preferred positivity and rejected negativity. The whole world is known to look at India with much expectation, he said and expressed his thanks to the people. 

Modi also said that even as the BJP could not win any seat in Kerala, Kerala will be given equal importance. "Kerala is as dear to me as Varanasi. I thank the people of Kerala for their contribution to the elections which was a festival of democracy. Those who made us win and those who did not are dear to us," Modi said

The Prime Minister also assured that the centre would join hands with the Kerala government in fighting Nipah virus.

Earlier during the day, Modi offered prayers at the famed Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple. He performed the 'Tulabharam' ritual by offering lotus flowers weighing more than his body weight to the deity. Over 100-kilogram lotus were made available at the temple. Modi, dressed in a traditional Kerala dothi and shawl, sat of the weighing balance in the temple to perform the Tulabharam. He spent about 20 minutes at the temple. He later tweeted that he prayed for the country's prosperity and progress.

Modi is going to the Maldives from Kerala and would be also visiting Srilanka during his maiden foreign visits after taking after as the Prime Minister for the second term.