Modi slams human rights interpreters who're 'selective'

PM Modi cautions against selective approach to human rights

Modi's remarks came against the backdrop of allegations and counter-allegations in the Lakhimpur Kheri killings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Credit: PTI Photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday cautioned against “selective approach” to issues of human rights violations for political gains, saying such a tactic is harmful for democracy.

Addressing the 28th Foundation Day celebrations of National Human Rights Commission, Modi said human rights are violated in the real sense when the issue is viewed through a political prism and weighed on the scales of political gains or losses.

“Some people define human rights from their own perspective. They see violation of human rights in some incidents but do not find violation of human rights in similar cases elsewhere. This selective approach is harmful for human rights. We have to be wary of such people,” the Prime Minister said.

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Modi's remarks came against the backdrop of allegations and counter-allegations in the Lakhimpur Kheri killings.

The Prime Minister also said that the duties of an individual are closely linked to human rights.

“Rights and duties are two tracks on which the journey of human development and human dignity takes place. Duties are equally important as rights and they should not be discussed separately as they complement each other,” Modi said.

Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah had said the Modi government has been relentlessly working for the welfare of the poor, backward and deprived sections of the society, thereby protecting their human rights.

Meanwhile, Justice Arun Mishra, who took over as Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission in June, said the rights body, since its establishment, has resolved over 20 lakh cases and awarded compensation worth Rs 205 crore to victims.

Mishra said the press, media and cyberspace have been given freedom in the country, which was within the obligations of constitutional duties and human responsibilities.

“But no one has the freedom to destroy the prestige of the Republic's fundamental pillar, the judiciary, through contemptuous behaviour, and neither should anyone be given this freedom,” he said.  

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