PM Modi posts video of spiritual guru supporting CAA

PM Modi posts video of spiritual guru supporting CAA

Amidst continued protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a campaign on his personal Twitter account, with the hashtag #IndiasupportsCAA stating that the CAA is about giving citizenship to persecuted refugees and not about taking anyone's citizenship away.

Modi also posted a video of spiritual guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, in support of the law.

"Do hear this lucid explanation of aspects relating to CAA and more by @SadhguruJV. He provides historical context, brilliantly highlights our culture of brotherhood. He also calls out the misinformation by vested interest groups. #IndiaSupportsCAA," Modi tweeted.



The citizenship Amendment Act,  which was passed on December 11, 2019, by the parliament,  seeks to amend the Citizenship Act of 1955. The new CAA states that non-muslims residents of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, who have faced religious persecution and have come to India before December 31st, 2014 will be granted citizenship. The act also relaxes the term for claiming citizenship in India from 11 years to 6 years.

(With inputs from PTI)