PM urges using Budget Session for constructive debates

PM urges using Budget Session for constructive debates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the media after his arrival at parliament for a budget session in New Delhi. AFP.

Amid indications of a stormy start of the Budget session on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned Opposition leaders saying resentment is naturally generated in society against those who do not show interest in debate and discussion as people watch every activity of Parliament.

In his customary address before the Budget session began, Modi urged lawmakers to utilise Parliament's Budget Session for having constructive debate, the Prime Minister said, “we have seen the mood in Parliament last time. Today there is an awareness among the people in the country and all citizens watch the proceedings of Parliament very minutely.”

He further said that since now-a-days the reach is huge for all small or big events of the country, everything reaches to common masses. “Due to this, a natural resentment is created in the society against those, who have  no interest in debate or discussion.”

The Prime Minister hoped that legislators will keep these public sentiments in mind and will utilise this session and participate in the debates that benefit Parliament, government and people.

Asking them to utilise this opportunity, he also reminded them now all of them have also to go in their respective regions (in Lok Sabha polls) where they will see people in their behaviour reflecting the positive role played by them in Parliament.

Holding that his government's mantra Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas', which  will also be seen in Parliament, Modi said his government was looking  forward to be discussing all issues.