Police trail Swede who exposed drug nexus in Goa

Police trail Swede who exposed drug nexus in Goa

 “We’ve tried to track her down with the help of Interpol, but she has not responded,” Naik told Deccan Herald.

Naik said the Swedish woman, a model who calls herself Lucky Farmhouse, was wanted for questioning. The Goa police had also been looking closely into her alleged role in the drug network operating here.

The video footage that replayed on the social networking site YouTube last year after first appearing on the net in 2008, led to the arrest of Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala and seven policemen from the Anti-Narcotics Cell in March 2010.

The footage, shot with a spycam, showed Atala openly bragging about his connections with police officers and how they supplied him with confiscated drugs from the court locker.
Farmhouse was Atala’s girlfriend.

The Israeli drug dealer who had sneaked out of the country after he managed bail was arrested earlier this month in Lima, Peru.

The Goa government has launched the process for his extradition.

Stung by the criticism that the state police would not do justice to the investigation, the police-drug mafia nexus case was being handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation, Naik said.