Protest outside Kolkata metro station over 'moral policing' incident

Protest outside Kolkata metro station over 'moral policing' incident

ANI photo.

Dozens of youngsters on Wednesday gathered outside Tollygunge Metro station holding placards bearing slogan "Hok alingan (let's hug)" to protest against a reported moral policing incident inside a train compartment recently.

Many of them were also seen hugging each other on the platform of the station this morning as a mark of protest.

Kolkata is known for its liberal mindset and it has no place for moral policing, a college student, who participated in the protest, said.

"We are here to protest against the moral policing that has taken place in our city. Our city is known as the city of joy and love. We have never witnessed such incidents before. It is completely shameful," he added.

Another student, who was part of the team that organised the demonstration, said, "A man and a woman hugging each other is no crime. It is a sign of affection, not perversion."

Indrani Banerjee, the spokesperson of the Metro Rail, said on Tuesday that appropriate action will be taken in the matter if the victims came forward with a complaint.

The Metro Rail did not support moral policing of any kind, she had said.

What had happened?

According to media reports, a man hugging his female friend raised eyebrows in a train compartment on Monday. A few people objected to it, following which an argument ensued between the two sides.

The mob then reportedly heckled the couple, pushed them out of the train and beat them up, the reports said.

Photographs of the reported assault have gone viral on social media, sparking an outrage by authors, artists as well as common people.