Railway minister to visit Allahabad to monitor situation

Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal said Monday that he would be going to Allahabad to monitor the situation as three more bathing days at the Maha Kumbh were scheduled. He also denied that Sunday night's stampede was caused by the collapse of a foot-over bridge.

"I am going to Allahabad to see the situation and the preparations for the coming days as three more dips are scheduled in the coming days," Bansal told reporters.

"I have made it clear and am saying it again that the foot-over bridge did not collapse," he said.

Giving the break-up of the dead and the injured, Basal said 36 people had died while 38 were injured, one of them critically.

"Apart from the compensation announced by the prime minister, we are giving a lakh each to the kin of the dead, Rs.50,000 to the critically injured and Rs.25,000 to victims with minor injuries," he said.

"Besides, we are offering two AC second class passes each to the relatives of the victims who want to go to Allahabad and come back," he said.

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