Rain wreaks havoc in Assam, cools Delhi

Rain wreaks havoc in Assam, cools Delhi

Rain wreaks havoc in Assam, cools Delhi

India seems to be experiencing the highs and lows of weather this pre-monsoon season, with the rain taking the lives of seven in Assam, putting Andhra Pradesh’s post-poll procedures in danger, as well as giving the national capital and Odisha some respite from the heat.

In Assam, seven members of a family were buried alive when a landslide occurred after heavy rain. The incident took place in south Assam’s Karimganj district on Friday night, official sources said on Saturday.

In Odisha, however, a spell of pre-monsoon on Saturday was welcomed. Under the impact of a low-pressure system in the Bay of Bengal, the state, including capital Bhubaneswar, got some much-needed relief from the heat.

The met office has predicted that rainy weather would continue for at least a day. “Rain and thundershowers are expected in many parts of the state during the next 24 hours,” said a statement by the department.

Andhra Pradesh

As farmers in the coastal Andhra and Telangana regions tried to salvage their rain-soaked produce, flood water on Saturday reached the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) strongroom in Kakinada, which holds the EVMs that were used for polling.

“R&B officials are working on reinforcing the room with concrete and filling the holes and gaps. There is no reason to fear,” East Godavari district collector Neethu Prasad said.
Farmers in the Mirayalagua market in Khammam district staged a dharna and demanded shelter for their paddy.

New Delhi

Meanwhile, New Delhi welcomed the rain and accompanying drop in temperature. Strong winds and light showers lashed the national capital on Saturday evening, bringing down the mercury level by about ten notches in the peak of summer.

“Rainfall was recorded at 0.2 mm in the national capital between 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Temperature was recorded at 29 degree Celsius at 8:30 pm, a big slump from 38.6 which was recorded during the day,” according to the Meteorological department.

The department added that the daytime temperature was one point below normal for this time of the year.