Rajasthan Guv to govt: no guard of honour for me

Rajasthan Guv to govt: no guard of honour for me

Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh

Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh has asked the state government to discontinue the protocol of according him the guard of honour on arrival and departure from the Raj Bhavan and on district tours.

The governor wished that he be treated like a common citizen.

On Thursday, the governor's secretary despatched a letter to Assistant Chief Secretary General of Administration Department, making the request.

In the letter expressing Singh's wish, it is mentioned that the tradition of according guard of honour to him should be stopped. "Singh has mentioned in the letter that there is no need for special treatment. Singh wants to be treated as a common person," Raj Bhavan spokesperson Lokesh Sharma told DH. 

Earlier in January, the governor had sought the state home department's opinion on whether this protocol could be discontinued. The home department, in its letter dated June 11, stated that the guard of honour could be discontinued. Following this, Singh, a former Uttar Pradesh chief minister, wrote to the state government asking for its discontinuation.