Ramesh ticked off by Cong for AAP praise

Ramesh ticked off by Cong for AAP praise

Union Minister Jairam Ramesh today found himself in another controversy with Congress ticking him off over his lavish praise for Aam Aadmi Party.

In a terse reaction to queries on Ramesh's views, party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi said such remarks can only come from a person who is not a political worker and has got prominence in the party without undergoing the 'rigour', but added that he was not reffering to any particular individual.

"It may be the opinion of some persons. They may be over enthusiastic. But if you see minutely, only those persons have illusions, who themselves were not political workers, who did not suffer that pain. They do not know what pain one undergoes in forming a political party and working a political activist.

"How much struggle one has to undergo before he gets an identity. Those whose identities are established all of a sudden can say anything because they have not felt that pain, not undergone that rigour," he told reporters here when asked about Ramesh's remarks on AAP yesterday.

"AAP is like 'Dashavatar'. In different states it can have different avatars," Ramesh, who is a key Congress strategist, had said yesterday advising the political class "Don't make fun of them. Making fun of them would be proved wrong."

Dwivedi, however, felt that it is "not wise" to come to any final conclusion about Arvind Kejriwal's party which had won only one state on corruption issue and was yet to deliver on its promises.

The Kejriwal government is dependent upon Congress support from outside. The AAP has announced that it will contest some 250 to 300 Lok Sabha seats and assembly elections in Congress-ruled Haryana. It has also announced its plans to put up party candidate against Rahul Gandhi.

There is also a view in the party that Congress had hastily announced its backing to AAP and it would have been better had it sat in the Opposition leaving the challenge of forming the government to AAP and BJP.

"We are passing through such a time. It is not wise to give a conclusion on anything concerning AAP. Right now they are a group of few people. They have raised an issue and the party was formed and it got support and they formed government in a state. The issue was corruption. This is an issue, which is like accepting that everyone should follow the right path, should not tell a lie, should not steal.

"Who can disagree with that?...People felt that that while everybody says this, nobody does it. They have raised a question on it and in response, they have got the support. It is another thing to get support by raising an issue, by raking up sentiment...but some system is needed even to run an arrangement," Dwivedi said. 

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