Receive registered documents through courier in Telangana

Receive registered documents through courier in Telangana

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao hands over the first 'Rythu Bandhu' cheque to a farmer, Sanjeeva Reddy, on Thursday.

From June 2 - Telangana formation day - people in the state will have a totally revamped registration system.

The changes envisaged in the new policy will save users from the inconvenience caused by the present system of registration of landed property.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced that in the new registration system the Mandal (Block) Revenue Officers will discharge duties of the sub-registrars.

The registration process would be simplified as the government would launch the Dharani website which would have the details of all the lands.

The chief minister, who formally launched the Rythu Bandhu scheme for providing investment support to farmers at Huzurabad in Karimnagar district on Thursday, explained the changes being brought into the registration processes.

“All that you need to do is to fix up time with the respective MRO for registering the land transaction and the documents will reach the doorstep of the beneficiaries through courier in four to five days,” the chief minister said.

He said the new system would also ease the burden on the farmers to carry their Pattadar passbooks to banks and mortgage them for obtaining loans.

Several changes had been made in the new passbooks being issued to farmers and bankers could verify the details of landowners online for sanctioning loans.

The government had ensured verification of land details pertaining to 2.38 crore acre of which 1.4 crore acre was found to be agriculture land.

“The government has decided to give investment support to farmers after several brainstorming sessions spanning several hundreds of hours and the effort had been to streamline the processes on a permanent basis,” Rao said while asserting that the launch of the scheme marked a golden chapter for farmers in the state.