Road Transport Min seeks comments on sector reforms

Road Transport Ministry seeks comments on issue reforms in transport sector

The comments also sought on issues like Electronic forms and documents. (Credit: AFP Photo)

The Centre on Thursday sought the stake holders suggestion for amend motor vehicle act to being more reforms in the transport sector including issuance of online driving licence and recall of defective vehicles.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued notifications seeking comments by April 17 on registration of new vehicles, driving licences, and recall of old vehicles", the Road Transport Ministry  in a statement.

The comments also sought on issues like Electronic forms and documents (Medical Certificate, Learners License, Surrender of DL, Renewal of DL), online learner's license, national register, dealer point registration and renewal of registration).

Besides, it covers the issues regarding temporary registration for 6 months with extensions of 30 days, trade certificate - electronic, alteration, retro fitment to vehicles and adapted vehicles and insurance in cases of altered vehicles.

"The other draft Notification ... includes aspects like Recall Policy of defective vehicles, procedure for recall ...Role of Testing Agencies, Obligations of Manufacturers, Importers & Retrofitters and Accreditation of Testing agencies," the statement said.