Same sex marriage: Agra sees a different love story

Same sex marriage: Agra sees a different love story

They fell in love two years ago and realising very well that they will not be allowed to marry being the same sex, one of them turned herself into a boy (appearance) to marry her love.

It all went well for a few days but on Saturday the family members of one girl's family came to know the truth and thrashed the other girl after both of them refused to separate.

The matter has now reached police, who, too, have found themselves in a bind as the lovers have threatened to commit suicide if separated. The love story was witnessed in the city of Agra.

According to the police, the two girls were classmates at a local college and were very good friends.

One of the girls, who hails from the Dalit community, tied the nuptial knot with her friend, who is from an upper caste, at a mass wedding in Bhim Nagari locality in the town a few days ago.

The matter came to light when another student of the college recognised them and informed one of their families.

Reports said that the two refused to be separated and threatened that they would kill themselves if not allowed to live together.

“We want to live together,’’ they said. The two girls are currently at the Itmad-ud-Daulah police station in the town and the cops, as well as the family members, are trying to persuade them for separation.