SDPI chief held for Jabalpur violence

SDPI chief held for Jabalpur violence

Madhya Pradesh Police on Saturday booked Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) state president Irfan-Ul-Haq-Ansari on the charge of instigating violence in Jabalpur on December 20 during the protest against Citizen Amendment Act (CAA).

Jabalpur was the only city in Madhya Pradesh which witnessed mob violence, forcing police to impose curfew in several parts for three days.  

Jabalpur Superintendent of Police Amit Singh said that Ansari has been arrested. The police are investigating the role of other members of the controversial organisation for violence.

After violent demonstration against CAA, the police had registered FIRs against 700 people on the charge of rioting.

Over a dozen police personnel were also injured in stone-pelting from the mob. Public properties including buses were also extensively damaged in the violence.

Since then, the police are looking for hooligans on the basis of video footage and photographs captured of the vandalism. Some people have been arrested on suspicion of their involvement in the rioting.

In one of the videos, Ansari is allegedly seen thanking demonstrators.

He is telling the people that the demonstration was against CAA which the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has imposed to scare Muslim community.