Shah asks workers to root out Congress

Shah asks workers to root out Congress

BJP president Amith Shah while addressing Shakti Kendra Karyakartha (Booth Level Workers) in Raipur on Friday.

Throwing a challenge to party workers, BJP national president and Rajya Sabha member Amit Shah asked them to take a pledge to root out the Congress.

Shah made this comment while he was addressing Shakti Kendra Karyakartha (Booth Level Workers) in Raipur on Friday.

Shah told them that the BJP is in power in 19 states, covering 70% of the country, and the rest has to be brought under the party’s fold by first winning the election in 2018 and then giving a majority in 2019 general elections to place Narendra Modi as the prime minister again.

" The party workers have to be on their toes, " he said.

“The victory is ours. There is need to win election from Panchayat to Parliament, so that party rules the country for the next 50 years. Elections are won by spreading thoughts and policy of party. Everyone has the details of 15 years of BJP government in Chhattisgarh and more than 4 years rule under Modi. Everyone has to reach out to the voters, convince them and motivate them to vote for the party,” he said.

" Leaders do not win election, it is the hard work and will power of party workers that wins the elections. It all started from 10 members of Jan Sangh having faced continuous failures but continued to strive and now the BJP has 18-crore members, the biggest in world," he said.

" Some people dream by keeping their eyes open during a sunny day. Loss of Congress was gain of BJP, which took its tally to 19 states where government exists. He is asking what has been done in the last 4 years; instead he should answer what has been done in country by his last four generations. They have left many states as bimaru (diseased) states, " he said.

Shah mentioned the jan-dhan yojana to link back accounts, health insurance scheme of Rs 5 lakh, LPG distribution, vaccination drive, Mudra scheme covering 12-crore youth, hike in MSP for farmers including the surgical strike to highlight the Modi-government's achievements.

" Country would not tolerate immigrants as they are consuming the resources of local people. When NRC was implemented in Assam, Rahul started to making voices over human rights violation. But what about human rights of local residents, who are being denied job, food and other facilities at the cost of immigration," he said.

Shah in his address asked Rahul to clear his stand on NRC issue and said that the BJP is clear that it would not tolerate illegal immigrants.

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