Shatru takes a dig at Modi

Shatru takes a dig at Modi

Shatrughan Sinha. PTI

Rebel BJP MP from Patna Sahib, Shatrughan Sinha, has come down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the saffron outfit suffered a decisive defeat in three states.

"If Modi was earlier credited with a landslide victory, he should take responsibility for the loss of power in three major States. 'Taali captain ko, toh gaali bhi captain ko' (Translation: If bouquets for the captain, then brickbats also for the captain)," said Shatrughan, while speaking to DH over the phone.

Slamming the prime minister for the derogatory remarks made against UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi (allegedly referring to her as a widow), Shatrughan said the language used by the top constitutional authority was highly objectionable.

"Ultimately, it's the voters of India who are supreme. They have given the BJP a befitting reply," said Shatru.

Showering praise on Congress president Rahul Gandhi and taking a dig at Modi, Shatru later tweeted: "Sir Ji! Now please tell us who’s 'Pappu' and who is 'Feku'. Our own dashing, dynamic & of course charming @Rahul Gandhi once again and once for all has shown his charisma. Sir ji, 'Taali captain ko to gaali bhi captain ko'! Don’t you think Rahul Gandhi."

Shatru, who was Union health minister during the Vajpayee regime but was cold-shouldered by Modi after his record win from Patna Sahib in 2014, attributed BJP's defeat to party leaders' arrogance and excess ambition.

"Those who have lost, thanks to their arrogance, poor performance or over-ambition — also deserve heartfelt condolences…..Long live democracy,” tweeted Shotgun in a second salvo.