Shift to solar power, biofuel: Kalam on climate change

Shift to solar power, biofuel: Kalam on climate change

He observed that as a "wise nation" India should gradually switch over to environment-friendly energy solutions.
Addressing a Science Teachers Congress here, he noted the percentage of emission by developed world is "much higher" and India's per capita emission far lower than that of rich nations. "But as a wise nation, India should gradually switch over to biofuels and other such energy resources," he said.

"I believe in Copenhagen the countries have just made a beginning but have not solved the problem...Many Copenhagens may take place but the issue will still be energy efficiency."

The 78-year-old said for ensuring a clean environment, use of fossil fuels in cars must be reduced. "We will have to shift to solar power, wind power, biofuel and nuclear energy," he said and pitched for launch of a tree plantation mission all over the country -- "a billion trees for a billion people".
Asked if he feels the developed countries were acting in a "biased" way in Copenhagen, Kalam only said that "the environment policies will have to be integrated to the problem of climate change."

Earlier, speaking at the gathering of about 500 teachers at the meet, organised by Delhi State Science Teachers' Forum, Kalam turned a teacher for the teachers, explaining them how to "nurture" young minds.

Kalam talked about great scientists and mathematicians like C V Raman, Albert Einstein and S Ramanujam and said the stories of their life may be used to inspire the students.
Speaking on the theme of 'science education beyond classrooms', the 'missile man' recalled how his teacher took the students outside the school, to the sea shore, to deliver a lesson on how birds fly. "Then I was a Class V student and I also wanted to fly. Later I came to learn physics, flight science and rocket engineering," he said.

Kalam also made the teachers read out a oath that they will "facilitate blossoming of creativity in young minds."
At an interactive session with teachers, he told them to be creative and said teaching in primary level is very important to incorporate scientific thinking.
To a question if he supports human cloning, the former president said, "Instead of human cloning, we should go for cloning of components like liver and heart."
Asked by teachers what is the "secret" of his fitness, Kalam said "starting to enjoy others' success".
Speaking on the occasion, Director (Education), Delhi, P Krishnamurthy, expressed concern over the "abysmally low" number of students opting for the science stream in senior secondary level.
Delhi State Science Teachers' Forum President P N Varshney also addressed the delegates.