Sole purpose is to defeat BJP: Yechury

Sole purpose is to defeat BJP: Yechury

Sitaram Yechury

Victory or defeat does not matter for the CPM, the sole purpose is to defeat the BJP, said party General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Sunday.

In the Assembly elections in Chhattisgarh, the CPM is not going for any alliance, but is in the poll fray three states to check the BJP, he said.

Addressing the media at Raipur Press Club, Yechury said his party would work in the state to defeat the BJP. He said that the party cadre have been asked to keep note of the BJP's tactics and work to increase the "alternative number." This would, in turn, help to increase the CPM's number of members in the Rajya Sabha.

"This is to bring back the democratic government in power. (Post-poll) Support would be extended to those who can defeat the ruling party in state. It is the priority of the party not only in Chhattisgarh, but also in the whole country," Yechury said. "By attacking economically, the BJP is spreading communalism in the country that is leading to polarisation of the people," he added.

Yechuri claimed that minorities and SCs are being "eliminated." "Now, the government is at loggerhead with the RBI, also. The country is going through a critical situation. On Rafale issue, no clarification is being given to the country, while the Indian economy and development are taking backseat," he said.

Raking up issues of bad loans, farmer deaths and unemployment in the country, Yechury said that there is pending loan of Rs 11 lakh crore in the banks. And added that farmer deaths in the state will bankrupt Chhattisgarh. Also, in cases of land acquisition in Chhattisgarh, no employment is being provided to the affected people, and that the state government was giving out misleading information on law and order situation.

He said that both CPI and CPM should vote together to defeat the BJP. Yechury said that count down for the BJP has started and now the country wants a change. And Chhattisgarh Assembly elections will be a reflection of this.