Kerala: Child found dead with beetle stuck in windpipe

Child found dead with beetle stuck in windpipe in Kerala

Representative image. Credit: iStock Photo

A one and a half-year-old child was found dead with a beetle stuck in his windpipe. The tragic incident took place at Kasargod in Kerala.

Anved, the younger son of Sathyendra and Rajani at Chennikara in Kasargod town, was found unconscious at their house on Saturday evening. He was rushed to the district general hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The postmortem examination conducted on Sunday found a beetle stuck in his windpipe and it could have resulted in the death.

According to the Kasargod town police, the child could have suffered choking after the beetle entered the windpipe. The chances of the child himself putting it in his mouth was also not ruled out by the doctors.

A neighbour of the family said that the child was playing alone inside the house. The family members later spotted the child lying unconscious.

The police registered a case for unnatural death and started further investigation.

According to paediatricians, in case a live beetle or any insect enters the windpipe, a child should be naturally trying to eject it by coughing. Timely first aid and medical attention can save a child in such cases.

Anved also leaves behind elder brother Rithuved.