Clouds played spoilsport for solar eclipse at Wayanad

Clouds played spoilsport for solar eclipse at Wayanad

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While Wayanad district in North Kerala was considered to be one of the spots in the state from where the annular solar eclipse would be clearly visible, clouds and mist played spoilsport.

Hundreds of people, including children, thronged at spots at Kalpetta in Wayanad where special arrangements were made for watching the eclipse. However, the eclipse was not clearly visible owing to the thick cloud and mist.

Meanwhile, the annular eclipse was clearly visible at almost all other parts of North Kerala, while it was partial in South Kerala. The eclipse was first visible at Kasargod district at 8.04 a.m.

In order to break the myths that food should not be prepared during the eclipse, sweets were prepared at many places during the eclipse and distributed to the people. Cultural programmes were also organised at many places.