Exam trauma: Student not allowed to go to loo

Exam trauma: Student not allowed to go to loo

Teacher ignored student's repeated pleas; the student then lost control and excreted in exam hall

A school teacher at Kollam district in Kerala is in the dock as she denied permission to a 10th-standard student to answer nature’s call during examination time.

As the teacher ignored the repeated plea of the student, allegedly citing chances of manipulation, the student lost control and excreted in the examination hall. He became mentally upset and was not able to write the exam properly, his parents alleged.

The Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights suo motu initiated a case and asked the school authorities to give a report. The student’s parents also gave a police complaint. The Kerala Education department gave a fresh instruction that children should not be denied permission to go to the toilet during examination time.

The incident took place at the government higher secondary school at Kadakkal, about 40 kilometres from Kollam city, on Wednesday. The student was attending the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination in the afternoon. In between the examination, the student sought permission of the invigilator to go to the toilet. But the teacher denied it. After some time, the student pleaded that he was having stomach pain. Even then the teacher ignored it. After some time, the boy lost control and excreted on his dress. He got mentally upset and could not write the examination properly.

The child rights commission chairman P Suresh, who suo motu initiated the case, said that there were standing instructions that students should be allowed to go to the toilet during examination under surveillance of invigilators.

The commission and the police will be initiating further steps after recording the statement of the teacher and the student.