Fresh suspicions in Kerala serial deaths

Fresh suspicions in Kerala serial deaths

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In a fresh twist in the Kerala serial killings case, the involvement of the key accused Jolly's present husband Shaju in killing his first wife has been suspected. The police was also probing whether Jolly had any plans to kill Shaju too as she was now in a relationship with another man.

Kerala State Police Chief Loknath Behera, who reviewed the investigation on Saturday, told reporters that it would be a challenging task to prove the case as there were no eyewitnesses for the deaths. The case needs to be solved with the help of circumstantial and scientific evidences. Help of foreign forensic experts would be sought if necessary to extract scientific evidences for the deaths that took place over the last three to 17 years back.

The fresh suspicions regarding Shaju's involvement in his first wife Sily's killing surfaced with her brother Sijo Sebastian giving a statement in this regard to the police. He was also learnt to have told the police that they were aware of the relationship between Shaju and Jolly before Sily's death. Another relative of Sily also alleged that Sily faced severe mental and physical harassment from Shaju and hence the involvement of Shaju in Sily's death was strongly suspected.

The police was also probing into suspicions that Jolly targeted her present husband Shaju as well as the wife of a BSNL employee with whom she was now having a relationship. The police was also digging into the past of Jolly to find any reasons for her tendency for committing killings.

Meanwhile, during the interrogation and evidence collection on Friday at Roy's house at Koodathai at Kozhikode and various other nearby places, Sily was learnt to have revealed that she had no role in killing Sily's one-year-old daughter Alphine. Jolly also maintained that Roy's mother Annamma, the first of the six deaths, was given pesticide in food. Sily was suspected to be given cyanide through capsules, while Roy and his uncle Mathew Manjadiyil were given cyanide through liquor.

Some suspicious substances recovered from Roy's house were sent for forensic tests by the police to detect the presence of cyanide.