Indian couple held in US for Tollywood sex racket

Indian couple held in US for Tollywood sex racket

The house in Chicago where the girls were kept. DH Photo

A couple from Andhra Pradesh was arrested in Chicago for running a high-end sex racket in the country.

The sordid saga came to light on Thursday, when Chicago-based newspapers published articles on the 42-page criminal complaint filed by the police in the US District Court. According to a report published in the Chicago Tribune, Kishan Modugumudi, 34, and his wife Chandra, 31, used to lure Tollywood actresses on the pretext of shows in the USA and were then pushed into prostitution.

The couple allegedly charged up to $3,000 per 'encounter' after bargaining with the clients. The deals were fixed through SMSes usually with clients who were part of Indian events happening in the country.

The couple had produced B and C grade Tollywood movies.

As per reports, sometimes at least five girls who were brought on temporary visas to the US were forced to stay in small rooms at a two-storey apartment. They were sent on their “mission” once the client was fixed. The Modugumudi couple used to keep the girls on a tight leash by threatening them of their life.

When Chicago police raided the couple's house they found detailed ledgers of the sexual acts performed by each girl, including the place and how much they collected. The police also found a stash of condoms arranged in ziplock bags. Pieces of evidence also include emails sent by one of the unnamed girls begging the couple not to harass her anymore.

Modugumudi and his wife have been in federal custody since April. They attended the Chicago court dressed in jail clothes. Their two children are in the custody of child welfare officials in Virginia.